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My interest in objects started 25 years ago

In 2002 myself and about twenty other artists, performers and activists occupied an old swimming pool factory in the heart of Barcelona. It was at this time a friend of mine asked if I would like to join him in making some metal sculptures.

Having never picked up a welder in my life, my reply was “what the hell do I know about metalwork, or for that matter, sculpture?”

He persuaded me to pick up a rather dodgy old arc welder and off I went. My first ever sculpture was a one meter long bionic ant and since then I’ve never looked back. I certainly had the bug (pun intended!) so I decided I needed to know more about metal work and design in general and after 4 years, decided to leave Catalonia.

In 2005 I came back to begin what was to become four years of training

at Hereford College of Art and Design. Here I learnt everything from blacksmithing, basic engineering, metal fabrication and most importantly the art of design. After graduating with a degree in design I started on the difficult road of trying to make a living doing what I love.

I have to say, that was not as smooth a transition as I had hoped. Needing to pay the bills I ended up starting a building business with an old friend from Spain. We restored old houses using traditional techniques. Although I learnt a lot during this time and could now build my own house I needed to fulfil my creative urges. That was two years ago…

I now have a workshop at the bottom of Farrs Lane in Stroud. It’s a small but versatile space and has almost everything I need for most commissions and for anything else, I have a list of trusted local businesses who can fill in the blanks.

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